Consolidating my interests! Attempting to simplify my life!- Website merge

June 17, 2020 Amanda W

As I watched the sun set tonight over my field with my 2 kiddos at my side, I thought how much the simple moments in life really are the sweetest. I had a wonderful day today that was really relaxing and fun and I really really needed that. I've been taking on new challenges with organizing my home lately but today I said NO to big projects! I had a couple small errands this morning and after I knocked those out of the way, I took the time to sit down at home and do some research. (Future article on what I was researching: Cow/Goat milker and SO excited about it!)

Research is one of the many things I love spending time doing and its very therapeutic for me. Many times I don't protect enough time for reading & researching in my week....but they are really important to me. I have always read up on a variety of topics that interest me and enjoy sharing my research with others, which is one of the reasons I have been interested in blogging for quite some time.

I don't know if you might be able to relate to this but I am the type of person that tends to take on more tasks than I actually have time to complete (especially when I get excited about something). I feel like I am always busy but I also have a zillion loose ends that need tied up that I never seem to get too. I think this might be a mom thing! That is having that feeling that you will never catch up!

I am interested in so many topics including: health & wellness, regenerative farming, herbal medicine, homeschooling, child development, investing and many other subjects. All these sound like separate interests and they definitely are....but they also all kind of fall under the larger "sustainable living" interest.

For those of you who don't know, I have dabbled in online selling on Amazon (pretty seriously for a couple years), I work, I have a farm to keep up with, and now I am homeschooling my children as well. I have an online web-store, but I also started a separate website about a year ago to blog on....but alas, I have not been able to keep up with it.

I have made the decision to combine my online store and blog onto the same website so that I only have 1 website to maintain. It might be a little confusing for visitors to my website initially, because you may see articles about sustainable living that are not always directly related to my store merchandise. It will take me time to make it more of a seamless website experience for the user and at some point, I plan to offer other merchandise related to sustainable living too! Hosting all our offerings/content in one place will make things easier and more sustainable for me to keep up with. I will probably also be looking at a website name change at some point as well. If you are interested in following one of more aspects of our sustainable living journey, realize this website is a work in progress. 

For those of you that know me personally and are wondering what The Step Counter is, it is my registered brand that I have had for several years. I designed an ankle band strap that holds a Fitbit to help increase the accuracy of counting steps by wearing it on the ankle. I basically designed this ankle for moms like me that were also having problems tracking their steps while pushing a stroller. I have been selling this product for several years on Amazon and on my website.

Tracking my activity was a big piece of my prior weight loss success (loosing 70+ lbs in less than a year) and the original inspiration for my registered brand and product. I designed my ankle band when I was in the process of losing my baby weight, which is a process I will be going through again after baby #3 is born in September. I am hoping to share here about that journey too!

Now that I've caught you up to sped on my plans for the website, I hope you stop back by and join in on our journey to sustainable living. Thank you so much coming by today and seeing what my website plans are! Have a great week and if you are like me and have too many things to do in too little time, I encourage you to think of one way this week that you too can simplify your life....even just a little!

Have a blessed week,


Whats next: The next posting I will be doing is an article and video of my husband transferring his wild caught bees from his homemade swarm trap to their new home! Stay tuned!