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The Step Counter®- (Our brand!)

This is our athletic brand that is focused on producing ankle bands and other accessories to make the Fitbit® more accessible to your lifestyle!


My Story

Hi and welcome to my shop. I am so glad you stopped by to check it out! I would love to tell you a little about how The Step Counter brand came to exist. A little more than 3 years ago I became a new mom. After my first baby was born I was really loving stepping into the shoes of motherhood. My biggest dream had finally come true. I was carrying my dream in my arms. Everything was perfect...Well almost everything!

Along with the stress of trying to get pregnant, came weight gain that had slowly crept on, starting before and continuing throughout my pregnancy. For the last year I had just been focused on my desire to have and baby and wondering if I would see that dream realized. The last thing on my mind was my waistline. The stress of not knowing if I was going to be able to have a baby caused me to turn to food to deal with my stress.

After having my first baby, I knew I had to start getting my weight under control, unless I wanted this to become a permanent lifestyle choice. I started eating healthier and trying to monitor how much exercise I was getting. My husband and I started hearing about the Fitbit® products and I got really excited. How cool would that be to be able monitor exactly how much exercise I was getting along with how many calories I was burning. My sweet hubby saw how excited I was about the idea and got me a Fitbit® Flex for my birthday. I loved it!

I was so excited about my new gift but ran into a problem rather quickly. I had a couple issues wearing it on my wrist. The first issue was that a lot of my walking involved carrying a baby or pushing a stroller and none of my steps would get counted. I felt a lot of frustration about the lack of accuracy when my hands were stationary while pushing the stroller. The other problem was when I was at work (I am a nurse); I would get a rash from washing my hands all day and water collecting under the band.

I tried putting my armband into my sock, to wear it around my ankle, but I was ALWAYS losing it. This was a special gift from my husband and an investment into my future health, and I definitely didn't want to loose it. The product was so awesome but the step tracking proved to be a challenge for me. This is where the idea was born to create an ankle band for my Fitbit®. I started wondering if other people had these same problems and decided to make an ankle band and put it on the market, that anyone could utilize it! 

We think the Fitbit® and other activity trackers are a great way to start pushing yourself toward healthier lifestyle habits and we want to make it easy for anyone to incorporate activity tracking into their routine!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our origin story and I am super glad you are here!

Amanda -The Step Counter-

Get Steppin' 

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Disclaimer: The Step Counter is not affiliated with the Fitbit® company in anyway.